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The Flowmailer Dashboard
"In the dashboard you can see the menu items on the left: report, design and setup.
In the upper right corner you can find your account name and notifications.
For example: when there’s an error, you will be notified.
You can find the date range and select that as well.
You can find the queue graphic – a little queue in the morning, with some messages is shown.
You can see the amount of messages sent, the delivered percentage, the average delivery rate and the complaint rate.
Also events like processed, sent, delivered and clicked, which are shown in the graphic as well.
Another nice feature in Flowmailer is to look up a full recipient address.
If I look up my own email address, you can see all the messages sent to that recipient, but also events like submitted, source, flow, type, sender, recipient, subject and status."

Dashboard features explained

Allows you to get notified when Flows are decayed or individual messages are sent incorrectly or not at all

Details of the logged in account. Clicking your profile allows you to change your password or enable 2FA

Date range
Alter the period shown. Select a pre-defined period or set a custom range for analytical purposes.

Delivered messages
See directly how many of your messages are actually delivered to you clients' inboxes (in %)

Average delivery time
See how fast your emails are delivered to the inbox (in seconds)

Complaint Rate
Know how your emails are received. High complaint rate are alarming, make sure to keep them low! (shown in %)