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Get in the flow with Flowmailer!

Anyone can send email. But there is only one who ensures that the message really gets there. Not just once, but each and every time. That is what Flowmailer promises. We pass over spam, don’t just settle for inbox placement but aim for your customer's attention.

We ensure that your mail creates a flow – a positive vibe with your customer. We make sure your message doesn’t just arrive – we let it contribute to your customer journey and brand experience. We are committed to create a positive flow for our customers as well. That feeling of complete focus, where everything goes automatically, without any hassle. That is how communication should work. Flawless, focused and effective.

We don’t just go with the flow, we create our own. With our own systems, our own services and -above all- our own choices. That way we fulfill our promise with every message we send. Flowmailer offers you the most powerful platform for transactional mail.

Get in the flow with Flowmailer.

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Why Flowmailer?

  • Analyse your transactional communication

  • Get in control of what you send

    Excellent and fast delivery

    Reliable and secure

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