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Why choose Flowmailer over Mandrill

Compare email tool Mandrill with Flowmailer and see why millions of emails a month are sent via the most reliable and fastest platform for email delivery.

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Compare Mandrill with Flowmailer

We have selected vital features and elements that you need to professionalize your email deliverability. Compare Flowmailer with Mandrill based on deliverability, design, analytics, the platform and the support provided.

Connect via SMTP of REST API
Authenticate with SPF, DKIM, DMARC & BIMI
DMARC support
Certified emails
Clean IP address pools
Online version
Resending ability
Dedicated IP
Message archive
up to 3 years on metadata
max. 30 dagen
Responsive templating
Template Editor
Personalisation (merged data)
PDF attachments
Open & Click Tracking
DMARC RUF & RUA reporting
Real Time statistics
Bounce handling
Notifications on message flows
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
100% GDPR Compliant data storage
Multiple Sources
Multiple Domains
Testing Environment
Rolls & Rights
Onboarding wizard
Email support
Telephone helpline
Premium SLA

Why choose Flowmailer over Mandrill?

Redefined email deliverability

Flowmailer focuses on delivering every email to the inbox, where Mandrill (MailChimp) focuses on creating bulk emails. That's why we created a platform that excels in up-time, delivery speed and response time to make sure no recipient has to wait for an email anymore. To increase your deliverability, we're supporting authentication methods like SPF and DKIM and provide a reporting tool for DMARC implementation.

Expert support

Something wrong with your email rates? Or did an error occur in your account that you cannot define? At Flowmailer, we're dedicated to your email success and provide expert support via email and telephone. For crucial email sending, premium SLAs are available to guarantee 24/7 support. With Mandrill, you can submit a support ticket and wait for support to help you.

What our customers say

"Within our organization, insights in delivery and the ability to take action are vital, making a specialized solution, like Flowmailer, crucial for us"

Mariëlle Heemels
"Our emails are delivered in the blink of an eye, resulting in an increase of traffic to our website. Using Flowmailer really helps our business grow"

Sander Divendal
Rendement Publishers
"Using Flowmailer allows me to stop worrying about our delivery rates. I know that emails are delivered as quickly as our parcels"

Leo Schelvis
DPD Parcel Delivery

Pricing at Flowmailer

As opposed to Mandrill, Flowmailer does not provide freemium accounts, for the simple purpose of domain reputation control. We do however provide every new trial account with all of Flowmailer's capabilities and one hundred outbound emails to experience all of Flowmailer's power. Our pricing model aims to be as transparent as you want it: You only pay for the amount of emails you are sending. Our prices contain all features, unlike Mandrill (MailChimp), where you need to purchase add-ons.

Ready to professionalize email deliverability?

Everyone can send emails. Making sure every email hits the inbox, time and time again, is not made for everybody. At Flowmailer, we are specialists in delivering transactional email. We're making sure your vital emails hit your customer's inbox. Not once. Not twice. Every time.