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? See what Flowmailer has to offer as an alternative. Experience reliable, self-hosted infrastructure and top-notch email delivery. Supported by experts who live & breathe email. Always GDPR compliant. Plus, you get to explore our endless functionalities with a 30-day free trial account!

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Advanced Email Technology

We've created a platform that allows you to create the best email experience ever. Enjoy countless unique features to enrich your transactional emails, send personalized attachments, and analyze performance in real-time.

More than just email delivery

Flowmailer's Template Engine is built to handle every type of email template: from basic HTML templates to advanced data structures.
Features ready for integration with your other products:

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Privacy-first & GDPR compliance, always.

Flowmailer guarantees 100% GDPR compliance. Flowmailer's based in The Netherlands, with several data centers operational. We make sure your data doesn't leave the EU and provide publicly available legal documentation to prove it.

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The impact of the Privacy Shield judgment (Schrems II)

On July 16, 2020, the Privacy Shield program was declared invalid by the European Commission. This means that US-based cloud services are officially not GDPR-compliant.

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