A day in the life of European email professionals (whitepaper)

Interviews about the state of email in the European Union

The email industry, like many other industries, is predominantly US-based. Many email vendors, thought leaders & overall email geeks come from across the Atlantic. As a result, much of the content you read online speaks to American statistics & experiences. But what about the state of email in Spain, or "the perfect subject line" in Poland?

We felt it was time to put a spotlight on the EU email professional. What's it like to work in the email industry in their country, what are the challenges & the email pearls of wisdom they live by? We asked eight email professionals across the EU about their experiences.

Our 8 contributors:

  • Emily Ross of lnkvine Communications (lreland)
  • Janine Kreienbrink of CXdoing (Germany)
  • James Metzger of Aspire Marketing (Spain)
  • Yanna-Torry Aspraki of EmailConsul (Netherlands)                            
  • Conn Ó Muíneacháin of Blacknight (lreland)
  • Jenna Tiffany of Let'sTalk Strategy (Portugal)
  • Radek Kaczyński of Bouncer (Poland) 
  • loana Dulcu of inboxAds (Romania)


Marketing people confuse output with performance. Cutting through the noise and capturing attention is the single biggest challenge for any email marketer. Less is more. Smaller lists, shorter emails. Also, if I had a dollar for everyone that told me they had a marketing automation tool but were pretty sure they weren't using it properly, I would have enough money to buy us both a fancy dinner.

Emily Ross on the biggest challenge Irish email marketers face

Your email list is your most important marketing asset. lt should be full of people that WANT to hear from you and TRUST your opinion. They've trusted you to give you their email, so always treat them and speak tothem like your true fans. Always NB test your emails and optimize youremail onboarding experience, that way you will maximizeconversion and brand loyalty

James Metzger on the email wisdom he lives by

Many things seem counterintuitive when it comes to email, because we rely on many misconceptions. This makes many of look like spammers without even knowing it.

Yanna-Torry Aspraki about her vision on email

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