Customer Data Platforms & Flowmailer;
A match made in marketing heaven?

Why CDPs and Email Delivery Services are better together

Over the years, our business software stacks have grown to more than a handful. Customer Relationships, Accounting, Sales, and MarCom all got their fair share of platforms to use. While every department got their own tech stack, data got spread all over the place. Customer Data Platforms bring unity, clustering data from all sources in one platform. And that's exactly why we love CDPs - let me tell you how it works.

What is a CDP and how is it different from other tools?

Before we

Customer Data Platform characteristics

  • Ready‑to‑Use Solution

All customer data is neatly organized and available for immediate use. Some technical resources are required to set up and maintain the CDP, but it does not require a high level of technical skill compared to a traditional data warehouse.

  • Single Customer View

Data collected and organized with a CDP is visualized through individual data profiles for each user. This 360-degree view of the customer is possible due to the fact that all customer data is located in one central location.

  • Customer Data Unification

Inconsistent data from multiple online and offline sources is combined to create a unified single customer view.

  • Accessible Data for 3rd Parties

Data contained within a CDP is ready

Data CDPs work with

  • Events: behavioral data that arises from a user’s actions in a session on a website, in an app, or on a mobile browser.
  • Customer attributes: including names, addresses, contact details, birthdays, etc. Advanced CDPs can also store machine-learning powered predictions, such as likelihood to purchase.
  • Transactional data: purchases, returns, and other info from e-commerce or POS systems.
  • Campaign metrics: engagement, reach, impressions, and other metrics from campaigns.
  • Customer service data: live chat data, number and length of interactions, frequency, NPS scores, other data from CRM systems.


The moment to build your CDP is now

Source; Gartner 2020 Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing

So, why do CDPs and EDSs match so perfectly?

Advantages of CDPs to EDSs

  • One contact database to rule them all;
  • Simplifying platform connectivity;
  • Up-to-date Customer profiles;
  • Data uniformity;
  • One stop shop for statistics.

One contact database to rule them all

Simplifying platform connectivity

Up-to-date Customer profiles

Data uniformity

One stop shop for statistics.

Advantages of EDSs to CDPs

  • Detailed email statistics for every source;
  • Best-of-breed;
  • Domain Reputation handling;
  • Email Infrastructure designed for performance.

Getting started with CDPs and email

What Customer Data Platforms would we recommend?

The SaaS market can be overwhelming and a bit confusing at times. Choosing a CDP to handle all your data correctly and lawfully can be challenging. Especially when you're in the European Union, data processing is a touchy subject. That's why we've looked into some EU - GDPR compliant - Customer Data Platforms:

With just a whiff of patriotism we're recommending some fellow Dutch providers, namely Relay42, Squeezely, PRDCT, and Leadboxer.

Though the CDP market within European borders is limited, the well-known Emarsys is headquartered in Austria, just like Pimcore. Another notable mention is Ireland-based Boxever.