Checks and notifications

Take control of your transactional email flows

You've done everything you can to make your emails look fantastic. Content, design, and data are all working together, and you are ready to go. Every detail is thoroughly tested, of course. After you've gone live, all your flows run automatically, and you never have to worry about your transactional emails again. That must be paradise, right? The reality, though, often is a lot tougher than you think.

Reality is that barely any resource system is always available, to begin with. They tend to break down now and then, due to information overloads, system errors or shutdowns. Not only systems fail, sometimes people do as well. Working with multiple users, your co-worker or client might have crashed your template or didn't provide essential data. Maybe, just maybe, you did it yourself. As a consequence, email flows stagnate and your customers stop receiving your emails.

Since people expect your transactional email to be delivered, stagnation will inherently result in customer calls or emails. Most times, that is not something you're willing to wait for. As soon as these problems arise in your email flows, you need to know. That's why Flowmailer offers you notifications & checks.


In a prior Flowmailer release, admins were enabled to receive notification emails. These notifications are sent to given email addresses at the moment Flowmailer notes an alert. These notifications usually consist of newly registered users within the account or found errors in resources or templates. Every single alert needs some attention, so allowing these notifications into your mailbox is highly recommended.


More recently we introduced checks. Checks are also sent to given email addresses, but contain another kind of message. Sometimes resources or flows do not function as you would like them to. Checks make sure that when your email is being processed, you're aware of everything out of the ordinary.

Example: When you're running a succesful webshop, it's not unusual to receive multiple orders per hour. In weekends you might receive one or so per hour. To be sure your order confirmations still arrive in weekends, checks will help you get a grip on your flows, even when you're not in the office. In this case, you could easily check if in the weekends, Flowmailer still sends at least one order confirmation per hour. If it doesn't, you are the first to know.


Two kinds of alerts can be sent from your Flowmailerplatform: Checks & Notifications. Notifications help you gain insight in what happens in your Flowmailer account. Checks will alert you when your Flows do not function properly.