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Let's stop your deliverability issues

Every once in a while, you need to do a comparison. Whether it's a new coffee machine, a marketing tool, or an email service provider. This can be a difficult process, so we've compared several email tools with Flowmailer to make your selection easier.

Compare us with these providers:

Cutting Edge Email Technology

We've built the first ever Email Engine, designed for high deliverability, advanced templating, and real-time analytics. At Flowmailer we put customer communications first, making sure every (transactional) email hits the inbox - both outbound and inbound.

Best-of-Breed Email Deliverability

Flowmailer provides high-end email infrastructure and the tools you need to increase the deliverability of your emails. Easily connect all your source systems to Flowmailer and start sending emails right away. Our platform gets every email to the inbox, through:

Advanced Email & Attachment Templates

Easily create compelling templates to enrich your customer experience, crafted with HTML and CSS, and filled with data from your source systems. Every email and attachment you're sending can be created with Flowmailer.

No Syncing & Real-Time Analytics

The best part about our Email Engine is the fact you never have to synchronize contacts or statistics with our real-time API. This means lightning-fast email delivery, email feedback, and up-to-date KPI measurement.