Compare Flowmailer

Whether you're looking for a new coffee machine or changing email service providers, comparisons are always a good idea. We've compared several email tools with Flowmailer to make your selection easier:

GDPR compliance

Flowmailer is a European company, hosted on servers in The Netherlands. All your data stays within the EU!

Email delivery is our priority

With an average delivery speed of <1 second and 99.8% inbox placement, we never lose an email.

An abundance of features

Never stop being amazed by our features, enriching your (transactional) emails with highly modern tools

Best-of-Breed API solution

Flowmailer Dashboard (Statistics)

Cutting Edge Email Technology

High deliverability, advanced templating, and real-time analytics.
At Flowmailer we put customer communications first, making sure every (transactional) email hits the inbox - both outbound and inbound.

Data-enriched email templates

Send highly advanced and personalized emails.
Flowmailer's Template Engine is built to handle every type of email template: from basic HTML templates to advanced data structures.
Features ready for integration with your SaaS products

Flowmailer Dashboard (Templates)
Flowmailer Dashboard (DMARC)

No Syncing - Real-Time Analytics

You never have to synchronize contacts or statistics.
This means lightning-fast email delivery, email feedback, and up-to-date KPI measurement. Analyze results directly in you Business Intelligence tooling or CDP.