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Van Gogh Museum

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Eneco works together with its customers and partners on a world in which everyone can provide their own sustainable energy. Sustainability starts with the operational management of Eneco itself; in its buildings, in transport and therefore in the means of communication. Eneco strives to work as digital as possible. One of the main points is the reduction of paper mail using digital service communication, Flowmailer offers a great solution for this.

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Van Gogh Museum

With the right brand experience you ensure that you have unity in media expressions, that they are recognizable and that it suits the company. If this is all handled well, than you can state that your company has the perfect brand experience.

In line with this idea, the Van Gogh Museum uses Flowmailer to seamlessly integrate its transactional communication around a visit to the museum within the customer journey. This sounds logical. However, how often does it not happen that the brand experience is ignored as soon as a company converts a prospect into a 'royal customer'.

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Why Flowmailer?

  • Analyse your transactional communication

  • Get in control of what you send

    Excellent and fast delivery

    Reliable and secure

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