Alerts & Checks

Know what happens to your emails

You want to have a grip on your vital message flows. You don't want to lose any message leaving your company. You know a missed touchpoint with your customers, is a missed opportunity to engage with them.

You're probably not monitoring your email delivery rates every minute of the day. Sometimes, however, something unexpected can happen to your emails. If you're not logged into Flowmailer at that moment, we'll send you notifications so you can take action immediatly.


Checks on the other hand are manually created reasons to send email notifications. These are not standardized triggers, but can be set up for your business' needs.

Checks are usually based on expected customer behavior, for example: ticket purchases. If the regular behavior is that a ticket is bought every 10 minutes, set a check to alert notify you when there was no activity for the given period of time. These checks allow you to find and eliminate issues elsewhere in the Customer Journey.

Alerts (Notifications)

Flowmailer sends notification emails to a specified email addresses at the moment Flowmailer issues so-called 'alerts'. Reasons for Flowmailer to issue alerts are for example:

  • Creation of a new user within a Flowmailer account;
  • Errors in source systems;
  • Missing variables in email templates.

Every alert therefore deserves attention and it's worth receiving these alerts in your mailbox.

Useful Flowsteps with this feature

Analytics combine perfectly with notifications - know exactly which email's failing.

Attachments that cannot be generated (for whatever reason) trigger notifications

External Data unavailable? Be the first to know and be ahead of any issues.

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