Advanced Templates

Awesome emails make awesome brands.

Reach your audience with responsive emails. You need your messages to be readable on every device and look professional.

Flowmailer has unique ways to (re)use the content sent from another source system. This way, you're able to send responsive emails, without having to change anything in your original source. Personalisation, conditional elements and restructuring are equally easy.

Powerful & Personal

Boost your customer's experience, using all possibilities within Flowmailer templates. Send hyper-personalized emails, looking great on every device. Add order details, generate PDF attachments, or use conditional content to fit your customer's expectations more effectively.

Make your emails look great with Flowmailer templates, entirely in line with your style. Ensure your customer experience is flawless, creating emails that make your recipient smile and always recognize your brand.

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Powerful features for transactional email

Transactional email deserves to be handled professionally. Flowmailer offers an extensive set of features for you to enjoy and optimize your transactional email flows. Let's get professional.