Bounce Management

When your email bounces, take action

Since bounce handling can be complicated, standards were established. These standards regulate the way an email bounce should be built up. Regretfully, these standards are not always followed. In some cases, confusing messages are sent back to disrupt spamming. This makes bounce management something you'd leave up to the experts instead.

Hard & Soft Bounces

Bounces are divided into 'soft' and 'hard'. A soft bounce means your message can't be delivered due to a temporary issue. A packed mailbox, for example. As soon as the problem is fixed, your emails will arrive again.

Hard bounces, on the other hand, are more severe. In this case, you cannot deliver your message at all. A non-existing email address could cause this. Future messages can't be delivered either. Flowmailer screens and filters addresses like this to maintain your reputation as a sender.

Bounce Management

Flowmailer's Bounce Management module places undelivered messages on a dropout list. From this list, you can correct the false email address. By doing so, you're able to resend your message to the new address. Bounce notifications are also feedbacked to your source system so that the false email address can be adjusted there as well. This ensures the quality of your data.

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Powerful features for transactional email

Transactional email deserves to be handled professionally. Flowmailer offers an extensive set of features for you to enjoy and optimize your transactional email flows. Let's get professional.