Whether you're only sending from one domain or thousands of domains and various source systems, you need to set them up to send emails correctly and authenticated. Our easy-to-use Domain Setup feature just made that complex process a lot simpler.

Domain Setup

Useful Flowsteps with this feature

Discard original email design to replace with custom, advanced email templates

Manually select a recipient for specific messages (i.e. support tickets)

Rewrite the sender address to i.e. prevent SPF or DMARC issues

What does the

feature do?

Built for effortless domain management

The Domain Setup feature makes managing your own and your customers domain way less challenging than doing it all by hand. Setting up every single domain for every customer is a time consuming task for everyone, so we're here to help. Our Domain Setup is a really simple list of checks & crosses that involve domain setup - plus information on what you should do.

Comprehensive yet simple setup

We've listed everything you need to do to start sending emails. We have reliability as our #1 service priority, and we expect the same from our customers. Opening emails should be a no-brainer for your customers, without ever having to doubt the email is yours. Plus, authentication boost reputation. Better reputation = higher deliverability.

With this simple checklist, you can authenticate your domain even without expert knowledge of how it works. Just make sure all the exes become ticks and you're good to go!

Configure sources faster than ever

After setting up your domains, you need to configure sources that generate the email data for you. We've made that process just as simple as setting up a domain.

Connect sources via SMTP or API, set up an inbox domain or configure SMPP for SMS messaging. No need for synchronization, your source systems have all the information we need. That makes the setup not only easy, but lightning-fast too!