Personalized Attachments

Enrich your messages with helpful attachments

Boost the inbox experience with personalized attachments! Flowmailer's template engine allows you to create so much more than just email and SMS: Generate personalized PDFs, CSVs, calendar items, and more with ease.

Personalized Attachments


No need for extra PDF creation services to create invoices, no third party attachment generators: with Flowmailer you create every attachment you need and add them to your Flows immediately. There are a few major advantages to attachments for your recipient. They can 1) Save content for later; 2) Import data into other systems (especially .csv format); 3) Edit/review/sign files in some cases; 4) Share/forward files with others.

How it works

Send personalized, dynamic (PDF) attachments

Dynamically generated PDFs are generated whenever you need them. Create a PDF template in Flowmailer and fill it with the necessary variables. Compare it to using an email template: The design and content blocks are there and the data is added at the moment it is ready to go!

PDF creation with Flowmailer allows you to retrieve more data from your source systems, the PDF will always be up to date and you create PDF attachments in your brand style.

... and more than PDFs

Attachments come in shapes and sizes. Most popular email attachments are Office documents, HTML, calendar items, and PDF files (but there are about 550 types of file extensions).

Get creative with your attachments. Create templates for basically every file type your customer could ever need. From simple calendar items to .csv uploads for third party apps, like your ERP or financial application.

Personalized Attachments

for your business?

Use Flowmailer to design professional dynamic attachments and add these to your messages. Flowmailer generates your attachment in the sending process, based on the template you love.

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