Email Management

One comprehensive platform for all your email streams

With Flowmailer's centralized email management system, you're in full control of the domains and sources you're sending emails from, and the emails that you're receiving. Connect with SMTP, API, SMPP, or and Inbox Source and enjoy one comprehensive hub for easy domain setup, real-time analytics, email archives, and email management.

Email Management


The Flowmailer email management platform enables IT teams, agencies, and email professionals to analyze, maintain, and manage emails from and to their business. No more having to deal with multiple email systems spread across your business, just one place for you to manage your email activities.

How it works

Easily connect multiple domains and source systems (i.e., CDPs, ERPs, or DMPs) with Flowmailer through SMTP or our advanced API and start sending and receiving emails. Our easy domain setup smoothly guides you through the domain configuration process, and our source connector is just as simple.

Centralize, analyze, know.

The Flowmailer email management feature allows you to add all your domains and email sources from your own business or customers'. These domains are easily configured with our super helpful Domain Setup feature and authenticated with our DMARC reporting tool.

In the hub, you're in control of email. Did someone lose an email in their inbox? The archives will tell you precisely what has been sent to them. Are a lot of emails bouncing? Our real-time analytics & notifications alert you before they damage your reputation.

Email Management

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Email Management System

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