Email & SMS API

Connect, design, deliver, track

When you're looking for a way to get your emails and SMSes to your customer's inbox, Flowmailer's advanced API is the way forward. Rely on a platform with the best up-time and highest inbox placement rate. Connect your business tools, authenticate your domains, sit back, and enjoy!

Email & SMS API


Flowmailer Email API is designed for smooth implementation with your existing software. Connect your CRM, ERP, and other business tools to Flowmailer and start sending authenticated emails in minutes. The API is enriched with tons of features to design, deliver, and track emails.

How it works

The API does much more than just process your emails through our platform and deliver them to the inbox. After the API provides the Flowmailer platform with the necessary information, you're able to turn simple pieces of data into beautifully crafted (transactional) emails. The possibilities are endless, from advanced data templating to scheduling, from dynamic attachments to rewriting envelope details.

Email & SMS API

for your business?

"Flowmailer is fast and easy to work with. They provide you the necessary information about the number of messages sent, received, and bounced. Everything to help you improve your systems and also your service towards your customer."

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