Combine ultimate flexibility with organized structures with Flowmailer's Flows & Flowsteps.

Message Flows & Flowsteps

Useful Flowsteps with this feature

Remove original content to replace with your own design and features

Set sender to own domain to prevent issues caused by non-authenticated apps

Retrieve data from other sources than the original source and add to email

What does the

feature do?

Game-changing email technology

Add tracking to measure engagement. Swing in personalized attachments for the best in-mail experience. Rewrite sender addresses to comply with authentication. Retrieve external data to send content in every language. Whatever you need, the possibilities are endless with Flows and Flowsteps.


Organize your message streams in comprehensible Flows. Flows are currents of emails having the same characteristics: brand, language, shop, type of transaction, and so on.

Think of all your order confirmations to your German vs Swedish customers. They probably order different things but are all in the same 'flow'. You create the conditions for these Flows: email headers, data from the email, even the subject line.

In your Flows, you're able to add every feature you like to your emails. We call them Flowsteps.


Augment your emails by adding Flowsteps. With Flowsteps, you turn basic email data into (transactional) email extravaganza. Add attachments, analytics, or external data. Schedule your emails, alter the sender address, headers and recipients, and many more options!

Adding Flowsteps to your Message Flows is easy with our drag and drop Floweditor. Simply add or remove the features you need and our platform will do the rest. Create excellent email experiences with emails your customers love!