Truly connecting with customers through various brands is easier than ever before. Don't waste your time creating hundreds of sub-branded emails and SMSes. Use Flowmailer Multiple Brands to change the brand of your communications instantly.

Multiple Brands

Useful Flowsteps with this feature

Throw away outdated email design from brand X to replace with new template

Rewrite sender to brand's domain name to always stay on-brand

Replace the email header depending on the brand you're sending from

What does the

feature do?

One template - multiple brands

We've built the most advanced template engine in the industry. The engine handles complex data, multiple brands, and multiple languages effortlessly. Build the most advanced email templates ever, enriched with powerful features and on-brand personalizations.

Less templates, better sending

Deciding what brand and brand colors to show based on the data retrieved from your source system allows you to only use one template for the same transactional email spread across multiple brands, instead of having templates for every single (sub-)brand. Have only one order confirmation template for multiple ecommerce brands or password reset emails for every brand in your portfolio.

Always be on brand

Don't waste time creating tons of templates for the sake of showing your brands. Simply create brand packs that let you design transactional emails more efficiently.

Our macros allow you to store your brand style in one place and use them in multiple email templates. Reusing macros - like headers and logos- allows you to easily edit all your emails with only one click. All cleverly based on the data sent through Flowmailer.