Measure performance with open and click tracking. Always know how your customers experience your messages.

Real-Time Analytics

Useful Flowsteps with this feature

See how many people open your emails to decipher your engagement rate.

Add click tracking to emails with dynamic parameters to find out what matters most.

Turn all analytics on or off with the Analytics Flowstep - it's easy as pie.

What does the

feature do?

Analytics that make life easy

Save time and trouble using the information Flowmailer provides on your messages. Detailed reports show extensive, real-time information about your emails. Integrates seemlessly with every email sending app to provide detailed insight about email delivery and customer behaviour.

Measure Deliverability

How many emails did you send last month? How many of them actually hit the inbox? Get detailed insight into your email performance with comprehensible yet advanced statistics. Our message details let you know exactly what's happening to your email right now.

The Flowmailer dashboard shows you what you need to know about the delivery and complaint rates of your email. Simply look up undelivered emails and find out what happened. Detailed insights let you know what to do to make sure they hit the inbox next time.

Track Engagement

Know exactly how customers engage with your emails. Track their opens and clicks - or not, if you don't want to. The Open & Click Tracking Flowstep allows you to turn tracking on and off for specific messages streams or all of your emails.

Set dynamic UTM parameters to get insight in what buttons were clicked, what upselling items work, and what your customers find most interesting about your emails.