Reliable Email Delivery

Highly secure delivery of your valuable transactional emails

Flowmailer treats and secures your customers' data with the highest level of cautiousness. We have acquired a golden DDMA Privacy Warranty label and are ISO 27001 certified. With these labels, we guarantee the careful handling of customer data. Flowmailer also is a member of the branch organization DDMA and works according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

24/7 Availability

The Flowmailer platform houses in two Dutch data centers that also comply with strict safety norms. Flowmailer's infrastructure guarantees the continuity of its service and provides a high level of availability. Having our platform in full control, from hardware until the actual delivery of your messages, makes us independent. This independence results in 100% focus on the quality of our own platform, allowing us to develop, control, and review our product continuously.

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Powerful features for transactional email

Transactional email deserves to be handled professionally. Flowmailer offers an extensive set of features for you to enjoy and optimize your transactional email flows. Let's get professional.