SMS Messaging

Sending text messages to customers


Together with email, SMS is one of the most important one-to-one contact points with customers. Not only for marketing purposes - SMS plays a crucial role in any email strategy to improve deliverability.

Customer Communications First

Transactional emails and SMSes are at the core of your one-to-one communication. It's the most valuable impression your customers get from you, so you must do it right. At Flowmailer, we value customer communications above anything else. That's why we built a platform that handles all that communication from one place - no need for multiple platforms.

Sending and monitoring SMSes

Easily create, send, and track the SMS messages that leave your business. Whether it's a reminder SMS from your invoicing platform or a follow-up SMS when an email address hard bounces, Flowmailer gives you the SMS tools you need to step up your customer communications.

The SMS archive also allows you to search for messages sent to specific customers. Did someone accidentally remove your SMS from their inbox? Just press 'resend' from the archived version!

Automated SMSes in Flowmailer

SMS plays a very important role in a solid email strategy. With Flowmailer, you can follow-up on your customers' actions with automated SMSes. Did someone cause a hard bounce with a misspelled email address? Send them a text to fix their details.

When deliverability is important to your email strategy (it should be), SMS is crucial. It helps you filter bounces, follow up on undelivered emails, and in the end boost your email delivery rates!

Useful Flowsteps with this feature

Scheduling allows you to plan SMSes as a follow up on bouncing emails

Real-time Analytics help you gain insights in all the SMSes sent, read, and bounced.

Rewrite subject lines to send compelling SMSes that people want to open.

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