Easily connect Flowmailer to your source systems

SMTP Relay Server

If your source system can send emails, you're able to connect SMTP with Flowmailer. This method is also called SMTP relaying, offering you all the possibilities and advantages of Flowmailer immediately. Be sure your deliverability is fantastic, and always keep track of your email flows.

Setting up Flowmailer with REST API is equally straightforward:


Next to SMTP Relay is REST API. With REST API, you're easily connecting Flowmailer with your source systems as well. You're able to send emails right away, without creating contacts first. Find more information on Flowmailer's REST API here: API Documentation.

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Powerful features for transactional email

Transactional email deserves to be handled professionally. Flowmailer offers an extensive set of features for you to enjoy and optimize your transactional email flows. Let's get professional.