SMTP Relaying

Be sure your emails hit the inbox with Flowmailer's SMTP relay service

Email delivery can be quite risky—unwarranted spam marking, bad IP reputation, or unwanted phishing emails, for example. So when you send emails, you have a lot of things to take care of to get e-mail delivery right. By choosing an SMTP relay service to deliver your e-mails, you solve those problems.

SMTP Relaying


Relay is defined in the English dictionary as "to receive and pass on. That is exactly what an SMTP relay server does. It receives the e-mail to be delivered and then does exactly that. SMTP relay, by definition, is "just" the name for the process of SMTP, but when you talk about specifically SMTP relaying (or relay server), it often refers to the e-mail service provider you're engaging.

How it works

Almost every source system you use has a default SMTP server set up. However, e-mail delivery is often not the main task of those source systems, so there is a lot to be gained by engaging a third party. That third party, the email service provider (such as Flowmailer) does the following for you, among other things:

  • Take technical details off your hands, such as spam marking, IP reputation and domain authorization;
  • Provide visibility into all your email streams and delivery (including open and click tracking);
  • Make it easy for the whole team to work on email (marketing, BusDev and engineering)
SMTP protocol, grafisch weergegeven: jij verstuurt een e-mail, Flowmailer levert deze af bij bijv. Gmail
Graphic representation of how SMTP relaying works

Delivery of your emails is very important. From your order confirmations, password-forgetting emails, invoice emails, you can't afford for them to get lost or arrive late. One in ten newsletters that don't arrive will survive. But what if 10% of all your invoices don't end up in the inbox? With SMTP relay, you make sure every email arrives quickly and securely in your recipient's inbox.

SMTP Relaying

for your business?

Flowmailer SMTP servers ensure reliable email delivery by focusing on mail server optimization, supporting and mandating domain authorization (SPF, DKIM and DMARC) where necessary, and maintaining reputation (at the domain and email level). This results in an inbox placement rate of 99.8%. Enjoy high inbox placement yourself? Try it for free!

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