Transactional Email

The unparalleled backbone of your business

What's a transaction without an email to follow up on it? Order confirmations, shipment statuses, out-of-stock emails... Flowmailer provides the necessary tools to design, deliver, and track all the transactional emails you're sending to your customers.

Transactional Email


In most businesses, there are two types of outgoing email: marketing or transactional. If you look at what you're currently sending out, you're probably sending both already. The main distinction between the two is that marketing email is often sent in bulk, while transactional emails are triggered by the customer or are a direct consequence of the relationship between your brand and your customer:

  • Follow up on your customer's purchase with a thank you email or order confirmation;
  • Keep your recipient up to date about their purchase with shipment statuses or back-in-stock emails;
  • Required action from your customer, for example when resetting a password or multi-factor authentication.

How it works

girl in front of phone with transactional email opened

Transactional emails are sent from systems all across your business. Whether it's your ecommerce platform, your customer relationship manager, or any other tool - they send transactional email. In that sea of emails, it's easy to get lost in what you're actually sending out, let alone manage it all.

Getting started

Flowmailer's advanced email platform allows you to get back control over your transactional emails. And getting started is super simple! You connect your business tools to Flowmailer via your preferred method (SMTP or API) and authenticate us to send emails on your behalf. Congratulations, you've just relayed all your message streams via one comprehensive platform!

design module in Flowmailer allows you to really vamp up your transactional emails

Designing Transactional Emails

Branding in transactional email is just as important as branding in every other marketing channel. Standing out in the inbox isn't a 'nice-to-have', it's a must. Using the Flowmailer platform gives you all the features you need to create beautifully designed emails, enriched with every personalization you could ever dream of.

Learn more about the template editor

Not sure where to begin when designing your transactional emails? In our resource database, we're regularly sharing new insights in how to design the perfect transactional email. Take a look at our favorite designs, for example!

delivery and tracking information in Flowmailer

Delivering & Tracking your Transactional Emails

After setting up your email streams and enriching them with all kinds of features, you need to know what happens to them after they leave the Flowmailer platform, of course. Be sure they hit the inbox and spark customer engagement. We know that. That's why we won't leave anything unseen and share all that information in our interface.

Did your email bounce or hit the spam folder? What happens after it hits the inbox?

Our real-time analytics provide you with the answers to those questions in no-time and act on (unexpected) behavior with e.g. our bounce management and event flow features. And if you don't want to track your emails? Simply don't add that step! The choice is yours.

Transactional Email

for your business?

With Flowmailer, you're taking the next step in professionalizing your email streams. Enjoy the best inbox placement, incredibly advanced email templates, and a great email API to exchange information in real-time, without ever having to wait on a synchronization.

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