Powerful features for communication

Transactional communication deserves a professional approach. Why would you throw every principle that applies to marketing communication overboard as soon as a prospect becomes a customer? Flowmailer offers you an extensive set of features to professionalise your transactional flows.

Responsive HTML templating

Apply a professional responsive layout to your transactional messages that matches your brand identity . It is a missed opportunity if your customer loses your brand experience once your product or service has been bought.

Open and click tracking

Track how email messages are received by your customers with the number of opens and clicks. These rates give you an indication of your customer engagement, offer possibilities to optimise and floolw up your sent messages.

The collected data are displayed in the well-organized reporting module of Flowmailer and can be be linked back to your source system.

Message archive

Store your transactional messages in the message archive. Archived messages can be resent in case of bounces or for other customer service purposes. Furthermore, archiving gives you the possibility to include a link on top of your email to a web-based version of the message

By default, an archived message is stored for one year.

Integration via SMTP or REST API

Flowmailer works with any source system that can send email messages through SMTP or can be connected to Flowmailer’s REST API. The collected delivery data, such as bounces and complaints, can be linked back via the REST API to your source systems.

Create and add PDF attachments

Use Flowmailer to create professional dynamic PDF files and attach them to your messages. Of course, you can also attach the PDF files that are generated by your source systems.

Advanced bounce management

Never miss a bounce. The bounce handler ensures that messages that can't be delivered are placed on an undelivered list. Simply correct the email address of the failed message in Flowmailer, resend the message and link back the bounce data to your source system. The result of this will be higher data quality and improved deliverability.

Alerts and notifications

Receive alerts and notifications. Should sending your messages run into unexpected results, we'll warn you. After all, it is important for you to keep a firm grip on your transactional message flows and take immediate action when a transactional flow is 'broken'.

Safe and trustworthy

Customer credentials are handled with care and protected by Flowmailer. We are ISO 27001 certified and fully GDPR compliant, which guarantees that the security of your customer data is managed in a careful and professional manner. The redundant Flowmailer platform is hosted in two separate data centres that also meet strict safety requirements. Flowmailer’s infrastructure guarantees the continuity of the service and a very high level of availability.

Flowmailer delivers

Flowmailer is a delivery specialist. Technical matters such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC are no longer your concern.

Redundancy, (pro)active deliverability monitoring and 100% correct authentication of email flows are common practices for us. And of course with one goal: excellent delivery of your most important email flows.

Why Flowmailer?

  • Analyse your transactional communication

  • Get in control of what you send

    Excellent and fast delivery

    Reliable and secure

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