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Transactional email deserves to be handled professionally. Flowmailer offers an extensive set of features for you to enjoy and optimize your transactional email flows. Let's get professional.

Ultimate flexibility with Flows and Flowsteps

Gain the insight you and your team need by splitting your email traffic into Flows. Add powerful features through our flexible Flowsteps, dynamically modifying your messages before delivery. With Flows and Flowsteps, you have awesome deliverability at your fingertips!

More about Flows and Flowsteps

Flowmailer's powerful features include:

Advanced Template Builder

We understand that your messages must be professional and readable on every device.

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Open & Click Tracking

Gain insight in how your customers receive your emails by measuring opens and clicks.

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Message archive

File your transactional messages in your archive. Know exactly what you have sent, and to whom.

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Connect through SMTP or REST API

Easily connect source systems via SMTP or REST API and you're ready to send emails.

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PDF Design & Attachments

Create professional PDF files and attach them to your messages for a better customer experience.

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Bounce management

Handle your bounces with care, make sure what causes your systems to stop delivering to the inboxes.

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When the delivery of your messages does not go as planned, you'll be notified. Be the first to take action!

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Your customers' data is being treated and secured with extreme caution.
Be sure your data is safe.

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Deliverability Checker

Flowmailer is the deliverability specialist. SPF, DKIM and DMARC will no longer cause you headaches.

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