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Transactional Email

What you should know about: Transactional Emails

Everything you need to know about the message that needs to land

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Email Marketing Patterns
in the 'roaring' 20's

Our take on the most prominent email trends for the twenty-twenties

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Dynamic PDF attachments:
The complete introduction

From "why start with PDF's" to how to dynamically generate them

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Exceeding Expectations with Order Confirmations

5 elements of order confirmations you can implement in 2021

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The Inverted Pyramid:
A better way of making emails

50 questions your business will face when choosing an email platform

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5 Reasons to Care About Transactional Email Marketing

Statistics and industry knowledge about your most-read emails

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The Ins & Outs About Dark Mode for (Transactional) Email

How dark mode setting influences your email and how to deal with it

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Email Deliverability

[VIDEO] Experts on BIMI for Email: Expectations vs. Reality

Six experts discuss the current state of the new authentication standard

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Understanding Deliverability
with Yanna-Torry Aspraki

How good behavior can get your emails to the inbox

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The Email Blacklist:
Keeping the inbox clean

How to prevent and overcome the blacklisting of your email domain

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What you should know about: Email Authentication

Guide to help you protect your domain/customers from phishing

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How To Stop Web Form Spam:
6 effective DIY tactics

Eliminating fake form submissions with DIY tactics & handy tools

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Whitepaper | Monetizing Your Most-Read Emails (with InboxAds)

Whether you’re in ecommerce, running a SaaS business, or physically selling items in a store: Every business needs transactional emails. What if you could use these emails to increase customer engagement, conversion, or even monetize content?