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    The most powerful platform
    for transactional e-mail

    Send professional looking messages

    At Flowmailer, we realise that communicating with your customer goes beyond just email. We have a multi-channel approach to communication. This way, we make sure your message is both seen and contributes to your brand experience.

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    Get in control of what you send
    Make sure  your message arrives

    Het krachtigste platform voor transactionele communicatie

    Bij Flowmailer beseffen we ons dat klantcommunicatie verder gaat dan e-mail. Onze multichannel benadering creëert communicatie waarbij de boodschap wordt gezien en bijdraagt aan je merkbeleving.

    Versturen met een professionele uitstraling
    Wij zorgen dat je boodschap aan komt
    Grip op al je transactionele stromen

    Our vision on transactional email

    In a world where we are constantly being overloaded with communication, it seems that it gets more and more challenging to deliver the messages that truly matter to the user. Flowmailer understands this challenge. That is why we do everything in our power to get the message where it belongs: brought to your client’s attention. Read more


    Customer Experience

    Our easy-to-manage dashboard uses live data and allows you to optimise your transactional communication. Combined with our powerful template options, your transactional messages will contribute to your overall customer journey and brand identity.

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    DIGITAL Transformation


    We go beyond just email. It’s all about the message. The channel is just one way to deliver that message. That is why Flowmailer empowers you with multi-channel deliverability. Fully automated SMS, push and print are among the options, increasing efficiency company-wide!

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    IT & system integrations


    As specialists in transactional communication, we know that simple implementation is key. Flowmailer is easy to integrate with other systems. And of course we will ensure that you are always up-to-date in terms of deliverability, privacy regulations and technical developments.

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    This is how our customers use Flowmailer

    Have it your way

    Flowmailer allows you to set up all your transactional communication professionally. We offer you control. The flexibility of our platform makes it easy to match your message flows to your business processes.

    Cash register systems
    Customer care
    ERP systems

    If you're already sending emails from your business applications, it's very easy to deliver this email through Flowmailer. Delivery via Flowmailer offers you the possibility to enhance the original email. With our flowsteps, you can add open- and click tracking, add custom design, archive your messages and have access to many more valuable features. If you prefer, it's also possible to connect almost every business application to our Flowmailer API.

    You’ll be surprised what transactional email headaches we can spare you! Request a free quickscan to learn more!

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    Curious about what our customers think?

    Mariëlle Heemels
    Product owner Digital World - Eneco

    "As soon as the energy invoice is sent, it's important to keep track of the delivery. Should an email not arrive, you want to be able to take immediate action. To us it was essential to have a specialised solution for all our digital transactional communications."

    "The requirements of transactional email are quite different to those of marketing emails"

    Sander Divendal
    Projectmanager online - Rendement Publisher

    "We still need to send the last two mailings, but things are looking great. The mails were delivered before we could blink, and traffic to our website looks good as well. This is how we like to do business!"

    "The mails were delivered before we could blink"


    The importance of transactional emails

    It wouldn't be an overstatement to say transactional emails are easily the most important messages that organisations send. They are important because the recipient is expecting those messages because they're doing business with you. If such a message doesn't arrive, they'll probably contact your customer service to confirm everything is alright.

    Keeping this in mind, wouldn't it be logical to want to have a clear view on the transactional flows you're sending? If your business process triggers a transactional message, you need to be sure it will be processed and delivered correctly.

    100% delivery is a requirement for transactional emails. Settling for less is not an option for sending invoices, order confirmations, tickets, or two-factor login messages.


    Average open rate


    Rely on delivery

    2 to 5 times

    Higher returns

    Why Flowmailer?

    • Analyse your transactional communication

    • Get in control of what you send

      Excellent and fast delivery

      Reliable and secure

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