Choose the plan that fits your organisation

Our pricing model is simple. You pay a monthly fee for your Flowmailer account, which comes with a Standard Service Agreement. If you prefer a higher service level, simply pick the Premium Service Agreement option. Beyond that, all you need is your desired credit plan.

Simple and clear pricing

Flowmailer pricing consists of three parts.

Step 1

1. License

The monthly license costs for a Flowmailer account are € 240,-*.

Step 2

2. Service Agreement

Standard Service Agreement included.
upgrade to Premiumfor € 400,- p/month.

What are the advantages of a Premium Service Agreement?

Step 3

3. Credits

The monthly costs for your monthly credits. These depend on your credit plan.

Plan 1

25.000 Credits

The perfect plan for a quiet start.

€ 0,- per month

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Plan 2

75.000 Credits

A good choice for organisations that want to take the next step.

€ 180,- per month

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Plan 3

250.000 Credits

An appropriate plan for larger organisations.

€ 420,- per month

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Plan 4

1.000.000 Credits

The plan for enterprises with extensive communication flows.

€ 640,- per month

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* Prices shown are excluding VAT, based on annual payment in advance

Plan 4 not sufficient?

Contact us for a custom price proposal.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the creditmodel works?

Flowmailer uses a credit model with credit plans. Each plan gives a number of credits per month that can be used within a Flowmailer account. The total monthly volume is determined by both the number of e-mail messages to be sent, the number of messages that are archived and/or provided with a PDF attachment that is created by Flowmailer. Messages that are offered to Flowmailer and cannot be sent, will not be charged.

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How long are credits valid?

The credits within your credit plan are valid for one year.

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If I do not use my credits monthly volume, do I lose it?

No, we always look at the number of credits per year.

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What does the archiving of messages costs?

Archiving a message for one year costs one credit.

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What happens when I run out of credits?

Message processing will never be automatically suspended when running out of credits. If you use more credits than expected, we will contact you to upgrade you to a larger credit plan.

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What are the advantages of a Premium Service Agreement?

In broad terms, the Premium Service Agreement differs from the Standard Service Agreement on the following points:

check Higher guarantees on availability of the core functionality
check Access to an emergency number for contact outside office hours
check Flowmailer's active involvement in changes and implementation of new message streams
check A shorter response time and resolve time for incidents and proactive advice based on alerts, monitoring and      reports

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