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Take a look under the hood of email marketing

Like your car engine gets you home, our email engine gets your emails to the inbox. Flowmailer is built for continuous high-performance, no matter the emails you're sending. Take away the difficulties of email delivery, and lets focus on creating meaningful email communications.

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What is an Email Engine?

Flowmailer's Email Engine provides all the tools you need to build a professional email strategy. From marketing to customer support, from account management to warehousing, every email sent is valuable.

Where others choose to focus on an email looks rather than its performance - we opt for solid email deliverability first. Every email that hits the inbox is a valuable moment between you and your customer. We firmly believe this is the future of email marketing.

Email Engines change the way we send emails. Are you ready to create the unparalleled email experience your customers deserve?

Prepare for the future

With the rise of marketing solutions that focus on unification (DMPs, CDPs), it's crystal clear that the future lies in Best-of-Breed solutions. No more one-size-fits-all formulas where IT and marketing are supposed to work together, but rather a separation of concerns to improve the effectiveness of every email leaving your business. The email engine helps your business prepare for a brighter future where:

  • The customer is always the center of every email and SMS sent;
  • Marketing is no longer responsible for the complexities of delivery;
  • Best-of-breed solutions that speed up agile improvement;
  • Everything happens now - in real-time.

Smooth configuration - no synchronization

The future of email marketing is real-time, so you need a solution that doesn't require time-consuming .csv uploads and database synchronization. Store the information you have on your customers in your CDP, WMP, or any other marketing solution, and let us do the email part. Our real-time API is connected easily and provides your marketing solution with all the necessary data.

  • Process complex data in easily designed email templates;
  • Provide real-time insights into email delivery, opens, and clicks;
  • Send all your emails via one reliable email infrastructure.

Email Engine features

Advanced Templates & Data Model

Create beautiful emails and attachments packed with customer data

Outbound SMS

Create personalized PDFs, calendar items, AMP, CSVs, and more - easily!

State-of-the-Art Email API

Lightning fast and reliable email API for every message! Open API doc »

Real-Time Analytics

Know exactly how your emails perform with up-to-date email analytics!

Email Engine in Action @ Teamtailor

Teamtailor chose Flowmailer's EU-based Email Engine to service their customers the best way possible. Their Recruitment & Employer Branding platform sends out millions of emails every month to their customers' recruiters and new employees - GDPR proof, lightning-fast, and highly reliable.

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Email Engine features as CPaaS

The Flowmailer CPaaS solutions enable developers to add email features to their  applications without having to build their own backend, infrastructure and interfaces, and without breaking the bank. Easily configurable SMTP / email API and integrated features:

  • SMS functionality
  • Templates
  • Powerful email API
  • Real-Time Analytics