SMTP relay & Email API

Delivery of your emails is our #1 priority

Flowmailer SMTP & Email API are designed for smooth implementation, so you can enjoy high deliverability and don't have to worry about synchronization ever again.

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Flowmailer's Advanced Email SMTP

Relay means 'to receive and pass on'. That is exactly what an SMTP relay does. Flowmailer receives the email that needs to be delivered and then does exactly that. Every application that sends email (CRM, ESP, CDP, WMS) has a default SMTP server set up to deliver emails. But since email delivery is not their main task, there's a lot that can go wrong. To prevent these issues, Flowmailer SMTP Relay makes sure:

  • You're not troubled by technical details, such as spam marking, IP reputation and domain authorization;
  • To provide an overview of all your business emails and their delivery;
  • It's easy for your entire team to work on email (marketing, BizDev and technology).

Email features ready for integration

Our email API allows your applications to access functions offered by Flowmailer, including generating emails and adding & manipulating templates. Moreover, APIs provide real-time analytics about these emails. Our Email API takes care of message assembly, message sending, and reporting that would otherwise need to be specified by your software development team.

  • Templates
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Deliverability Management

Using the Flowmailer API @ Eneco

"Flowmailer is fast and easy to work with. They provide you the necessary information about the amount of message sent, received and bounced. Everything to help you improve your own systems and also your service towards your own customer."

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