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Transactional email and SMS are the unparalleled backbones of any (online) business. Flowmailer provides all the tools you need to create compelling, even converting, transactional messages.

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What are transactional messages?

In the world of email, there are two types of business email: marketing and transactional. Your business probably sends both. The main difference between them is that marketing email is often sent in bulk, while transactional emails are triggered.

You probably send transactional emails and SMS already, if you:

  • Follow up on your recipient's purchase / download / conversion;
  • Keep your recipient up to date about their purchase / download / conversion;
  • Create overviews about your recipient's purchase / download / conversion;
  • Send standardized emails to employees (i.e., paychecks).

Common types of these emails include, but are not limited to, order confirmations, password resets, multi-factor authentication, Track & Trace, notifications, end of trial, paychecks, and invoices.

Using Flowmailer for your messages

We're email delivery experts. Our infrastructure is built to never lose an email or SMS.  

Getting started is super simple: Just connect via SMTP or API - No need for contact integration or time-wasting synchronization. In just a few steps, you're creating, delivering, and tracking emails and SMS via SMTP and email & SMS API.

Whether you're sending email from a webshop, CRM, ERP, CDP - Flowmailer delivers them to your customer's inbox.

Built to create, deliver, and track transactional communications

Enrich the emails you're sending to your customers with our powerful features, and always be up to date on the email's status. Our platform offers a wide variety of features to create, deliver, and track the emails and SMSs you send.

Our Flows & Flowsteps allow you to create multiple email flows. Differentiate emails by type, language, transaction, brand, domain, and much more. Want to just deliver your emails? Our high deliverability makes sure they hit the inbox.

Want to add attachments, templates, archiving options, et cetera to your email? Our Flowsteps allow you to do just that. Turn complex data from your business software into beautifully crafted, compelling emails!

Transactional email features

Advanced Template & Data Model

Turn boring emails into truly compelling emails loaded with data

Personalized Attachments

Create personalized PDFs, calendar items, AMP, CSVs, and more - easily!

Bounce Management

Follow up on bouncing addresses with another email, SMS, or letter! Learn more »

Real-Time Analytics

Know exactly how your emails perform with up-to-date email analytics!

Transactional Emails @ The Learning Network

Delivering your emails to the inbox every time is quite the challenge when you're only sending millions of emails in the summer and close to none in the winter. Using Flowmailer, The Learning Network is able to guarantee speedy delivery of all their emails, no matter the season and peak activities.

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