Platform Reliability

Sending your emails via Flowmailer means lightning-quick delivery by a trusted platform. Our strong reputation gives your email the highest chance of hitting your customers' inbox.

GDPR Compliant Data Storage

All your data is safely stored in our two independently functioning Dutch data centers. Customer data will therefore never leave Europe. Since Flowmailer doesn't require synchronizing with your databases, the platform only retrieves the data you're asking it to do. This way of working makes Flowmailer 100% GDPR compliant.

Closely monitored infrastructure

Apart from the two third-party data warehouses, the Flowmailer infrastructure completely runs on its own. That gives Flowmailer the advantage of being able to detect every flaw, monitoring it on a daily basis. We're not relying on third parties to secure your privacy nor our uptime.

Professional Account Management

As Flowmailer Go! customer, you're in full control of the platform. Create new users, run tests via API or SMTP, or review your invoices in the customer portal. We will assist and advise you where needed. For Flowmailer Pro customers, we step up our game. Pro customers get their own account manager, who loves to review your transactional flows and help you improve them. Besides, we advise on technical settings, offer an SLA and provide you with an emergency phone number for critical processes.

Clean IP addresses

To ensure sending domains have a high chance of hitting the inbox, Flowmailer uses shared IP address pools, only used by Flowmailer customers. We also monitor odd behavior (high complaint rates or massive bounces) to ensure the IP addresses Flowmailer uses maintain a great reputation.

Two-Factor Authentication

Flowmailer requires most users to use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This method protects our users' accounts from potential hackers or maleficent usage and therefore provides an extra layer of security for our platform's reputation.