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At Flowmailer, we're email specialists. Where email marketing tools target the crowd, we focus on your one-on-one communication with your clients. To us, every email is crucial and personalized.

Transactional email specialist

We make sure your messages arrive. For example, we help you build responsive templates in HTML and CSS. Flowmailer happily manages feedback loops, bounce handling, blacklisting, and IP reputation for you.

No surprises

We love surprises, but not when it comes to your messages. With Flowmailer, you're always up to date on the status of your emails. When something happens, you know precisely what and how it happened. Flows tell you exactly how many emails you're sending, the number of bounces, and what links your recipients click. Even if your customer loses a critical email, you have nothing to worry about. The archive function allows you to view - and resend - that exact message at any time.

Transparent pricing model

Our pricing model has no surprises either. No hidden costs. No hidden features. Since you can be up-and-running in 15 minutes, Flowmailer may well save you development costs! Connecting to Flowmailer is easy and hassle-free. If your source system can send an email, you can connect it to Flowmailer.

Awesome support

Flowmailer is supported and developed by our in-house team of specialists. That means direct support from the people who know everything about Flowmailer. If you are new to Flowmailer, our online documentation and instructional videos will guide you through your first steps. Feel free to ask us any question in a support ticket. No chatbots, just straight-forward answers from our specialists. If you prefer talking to someone, Flowmailer Pro clients can call our support line directly.

Flowmailer: The email delivery platform you can rely on

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