Future-proof flows

Stagnation means decline. Today, that is more true than ever. In these disruptive times, it is essential to stay up to date. Before you know it, new techniques (or even worse, competitors) have passed you by. Every new technology investment you make must be an investment that goes with the flow of the future.



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Cost reduction

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Maintaing your lead position

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Companies predominantly send transactional messages by post. But the footprint of a printed letter that ends up in a mailbox is substantial. Flowmailer offers a sustainable and effective alternative. An alternative that aims for a higher deliverability. A delivery that can be guaranteed, because Flowmailer allows you to deliver multichannel. Your message can be delivered through email, SMS, push and - when necessary - also to a letterbox.

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Cost reduction

Any investment in Flowmailer is a return on investment. In several areas, cost reductions are an automatic result of working with Flowmailer. It's needless to say that replacement of printed letters by emails result in a huge drop in cost. More indirectly, you will see that the workload for your organization will be lower. Experience shows that the first time saving results will be felt in support and IT. Beyond that, marketing will also reap the benefits of transactional emails that contribute to brand identity.

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Maintaining your lead position

Flowmailer is a team of specialists. Specialists in transactional communication - nothing more, nothing less. We are committed to be a first class player in delivery. We anticipate on developments and trends. The most recent innovation is the integration of multi-channel communication. Too often, emails do not reach the customer. Flowmailer proactively responds to this by giving you the possibility to deliver the message via SMS, push and print. This is the type of proactive thinking you can expect from us!

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Our key features

Responsive HTML templating

Apply a professional layout that matches your brand identity to your transactional messages.

Register the open and click rate

Track how email messages are received by your customers with the number of opens and clicks.

Message archive

Store your transactional messages in the message archive.

Integrate via SMTP or REST API

Connect your source systems easily through SMTP or REST API. Link the collected customer data back to your source systems.

Create and add PDF attachments

Create professional PDF files and attach them to your messages.

Advanced bounce management

Never miss a bounce. The bounce handler ensures that messages that can’t be delivered are placed on an undelivered list.


Receive alerts and notifications. Should sending your messages run into unexpected results, we’ll warn you.

Safe and trustworthy

Customer credentials are handled with care and protected by Flowmailer. And of course Flowmailer is ISO 27001 certified and fully GDPR compliant.

Flowmailer takes care of the delivery

Flowmailer is a delivery specialist. Technical matters such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC are no longer your concern!

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Why Flowmailer?

  • Analyse your transactional communication

  • Get in control of what you send

    Excellent and fast delivery

    Reliable and secure

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