The customer at the heart of the customer journey

The customer journey. A commonly used instrument linking your brand experience to the journey from prospect to customer. Unfortunately in most cases, it ends there. Unfortunate, because it is the customer - not the prospect- who represents the true value of your company. Flowmailer changes this. Our platform personalises all transactional mails easily and effectively. And we don’t stop there.


Enriching the customer journey

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Increasing customer value

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Focus on the customer

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Enrich the customer journey

With Flowmailer, you can personalise transactional messages such as emails and adapt them to your brand identity. Our editor is easy to use, allowing you to add relevant topics such as events, campaigns, promotions and product introductions. Let your invoices, quotations and other transactional emails become a integral part of your customer’s brand experience.

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Increase customer value

Your customers are your most valuable asset. It is a time-honoured marketing wisdom that gaining a new customer costs far more than retaining an existing one. Therefore, it is worth the effort to carefully consider each customer engangement. Experience shows that consistent branding in both marketing email and transactional email contributes to loyalty, repeat purchases and customer value. Flowmailer offers you the possibility to guarantee this consistency in branding.

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Customer centric multi-channel approach

Sometimes, your customer can’t be reached through email. They might, for example, have a new email address. No problem. Your transactional messages can also be sent via print, SMS and push. If your customer is multi-channel, then your company has to be multi-channel as well. It’s important that your message reaches the customer. After all, customers don't care that you were not able to reach them.

Flowmailer allows you to be flexible and use the channels that your customers use. After all, you want to be certain that your customers receive their invoices and all those other important messages.

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Our key features

Responsive HTML templating

Apply a professional layout that matches your brand identity to your transactional messages.

Register the open and click rate

Track how email messages are received by your customers with the number of opens and clicks.

Message archive

Store your transactional messages in the message archive.

Integrate via SMTP or REST API

Connect your source systems easily through SMTP or REST API. Link the collected customer data back to your source systems.

Create and add PDF attachments

Create professional PDF files and attach them to your messages.

Advanced bounce management

Never miss a bounce. The bounce handler ensures that messages that can’t be delivered are placed on an undelivered list.


Receive alerts and notifications. Should sending your messages run into unexpected results, we’ll warn you.

Safe and trustworthy

Customer credentials are handled with care and protected by Flowmailer. And of course Flowmailer is ISO 27001 certified and fully GDPR compliant.

Flowmailer takes care of the delivery

Flowmailer is a delivery specialist. Technical matters such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC are no longer your concern!

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Why Flowmailer?

  • Analyse your transactional communication

  • Get in control of what you send

    Excellent and fast delivery

    Reliable and secure

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