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    The team at Eneco realized changes needed to be made to ensure a more sustainable society. Naturally this starts with Eneco itself. And so the organization engaged Flowmailer to realize the reduction of paper mail and to implement a more sustainable digital service communication.

    Digital world of Eneco

    Eneco works together with its customers and partners on a world in which everyone can provide their own sustainable energy. Sustainability starts with the operational management of Eneco itself; in its buildings, in transport and therefore in the means of communication. Eneco strives to work as digital as possible.

    One of the main points is the reduction of paper mail by using digital service communication instead. Flowmailer offers a great solution for this. Of course, this reduction also means a considerable cost saving!

    Eneco uses the channels email and SMS smartly to ensure, in addition to environmental savings, optimal customer service and the provision of tailor-made information.

    The basis for transactional communication is the customer data within Eneco's source systems. Data and triggers are generated from the different systems. After this, the service emails are automatically compiled and then sent via Flowmailer.

    The story of Eneco

    Sustainability. The reduction of paper mail using digital service communication.

    • Digital transformation

    • Cost saving

    • Email and SMS

    • Tailor-made information

    • Optimal customer service

    Interesting outcomes


    Higher conversion


    Grip on delivery




    Cost savings
    "The requirements for transactional email are quite different to those for marketing email"
    Mariëlle Heemels - Product owner Digital World

    A conversion rate of 20%

    By continually testing and asking for feedback about transactional emails, Eneco continues to better align its communication with the needs of the customer. In addition, Eneco sends its customers an SMS at the time that it was established that an email could not be delivered. In that SMS Eneco asks its customers to immediately provide a new email address on Through this way of communicating Eneco achieves a conversion rate of more than 20%.

    By aiming at the KPI's digitization degree, completeness of sent messages, bounces and customer satisfaction, Eneco aims to create an optimal process for a professional digital transactional communication with a sustainable character.

    Why Flowmailer?

    • Analyse your transactional communication

    • Get in control of what you send

      Excellent and fast delivery

      Reliable and secure

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