Spotler, Tripolis and Flowmailer to become one Spotler

Three separate companies joining forces to continue under one name: Spotler

Three companies within Spotler Group are becoming one

Flowmailer, Spotler Netherlands, and Tripolis are part of the Spotler Group. The Spotler Group is an international specialist in data-driven marketing technology. The Spotler Group has a presence in the Netherlands, Spain, the UK and Sweden. Three Dutch companies within this international organisation have decided to continue under one name: Spotler. In time, the separate company names Tripolis and Flowmailer will also continue as Spotler.  

Mark van den Berg, Managing Director at Spotler:

"As Spotler Group, we have a clear vision: to be a one-stop-shop for specialist marketing solutions. Bringing all email solutions together under one roof is a logical first step in that. This step offers our customers and partners one central point of contact for all their needs."

No immediate changes for customers and partners

If you are a Flowmailer customer or partner, it is good to know that our business integration does not affect the data, mailings and automations you have set up in our software. Nothing will change in that. In the short term, nothing will change in our service either, you can still count on the service you are used to from us.  

On the contrary, we will expand and improve our services in the coming period. The merger will bring together all the experience and expertise of our employees, enabling us to achieve this. That is a big advantage of merging the organisations. We will of course keep our customers and partners well informed about how and what changes will take place.  

Spotler commits to multiple products

Spotler is committed to specialist software solutions (also known as best-of-breed) and is therefore not an all-in-one system. As a result, customers always have the choice of using one or more products. This allows Spotler to always optimally meet its customers' needs.

Best-of-Breed is future-proof

The Best-of-Breed strategy is also a choice for future-proof product development. Spotler will continue to invest in the development and expansion of its product portfolio. We are currently actively marketing Spotler Mail+, Spotler Webpower and Spotler Flowmailer. We can certainly be expected to add several new products to these. Ultimately, we aim to integrate various marketing solutions that can also be deployed separately.

Optimal integration

The Best-of-Breed solutions within Spotler's product portfolio are all SaaS (Software as a Service) products. The specialists of the different products are always perfecting their own product, but also work together a lot in special project groups. If you integrate different products, you can be sure that the stored data is always available in all products and also always trigger the right campaigns from the right product at the right time. This also applies to the Customer Data Platform (CDP) of sister company Squeezely. A seamless integration between Spotler Mail+, Spotler Webpower and Squeezely already exists.

"Looking from my marketing lens, this is a great step forwards. As a marketing professional myself, I am already working from a flexible MarTech stack and the step Spotler is now taking is going to bring a lot of efficiency to my fellow marketers."

- Tom Blijleven, Marketing Manager @ Flowmailer

“Integrations seamlessly connect our platforms with the best tools available. They harness the power of data, enabling marketers to design and optimize campaigns and customer journeys. This way our customers are more efficient and get more value from our solutions. The merging of the organizations drives improvements in our integrations and promotes collaboration between our own products.”

- Arthur ten Have, Head of Integrations @ Spotler

One organisation, one management

The change to one new organisation under one brand name has been in full swing since February. This process is being carefully guided by the new management team and will be completed in the coming quarters.

The management team of the new Spotler organisation is formed by:

  • Mark van den Berg (Managing Director, Spotler)
  • Sean Barten (Customer Revenue & Retention Director, Tripolis)
  • Richard van Looijen (Research & Development Director, Flowmailer)
  • Stefan Roelen (Sales Director, Spotler)
  • Sven Pribnow (Client Services Director, Spotler)

The team is further supported from the Spotler Group board by Paul Brentjens (CFO) and Ilona Salemink (HR Director).

Do you have any questions?

Below, we have already listed the frequently asked questions. If you have another question, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you!

Frequently asked questions

What will happen to current contracts and billing?

Nothing changes to all current agreements and invoicing. We will continue organizationally and strategically as one organization, but the various current legal forms will continue to exist. The current contracts will remain linked to this. You will continue to receive invoices from the same organization as you are used to.

What does this mean for me as a customer?

At the moment nothing will change for you as a customer. You can continue to rely on our services as you are used to. In the future, we want to expand and improve our services. We will of course keep you informed of all developments.

What does this mean for me as a partner?

At the moment nothing will change for you as a partner. We will continue to work together in the way you are used to. In the future, we want to expand and improve our services. In time, it will be possible to jointly offer more products to our joint customers. We will of course keep you informed of all possibilities.

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