Compliance & Security
Flowmailer takes all necessary precautions to store & protect your data

GDPR Compliance

All data processed by Flowmailer is safely stored in independently functioning Dutch data centers (Amsterdam region). Customer data never leaves the European Union. This makes Flowmailer 100% GDPR compliant. Any company domiciled in the European Union is entitled to transfer personal data through Flowmailer under the same rules as if it were to transfer data within their country (i.e. BDSG).

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Redundant Data Centers

To guarantee top notch infrastructure, we use multiple redundant (or independent) data centers. This enables us to completely skip a data center in case of emergency and still be able to provide our services as usual. All data centers are located in The Netherlands. This way, data storage is always GDPR compliant, and data streams are as fast as possible through glass fiber connections.

ISO27001 Certification

All your data is safely stored in our two independently functioning Dutch data centers. Customer data will therefore never leave Europe. Since Flowmailer doesn't require synchronizing with your databases, the platform only retrieves the data you're asking it to do. This way of working makes Flowmailer 100% GDPR compliant.