Flowmailer provides the reliable email backbone for your business

Architecture reliability

We take great pride in the way we manage our architecture. Not only do we maintain redundant data storage: the Flowmailer infrastructure is completely self-managed. Unlike other providers, Flowmailer is always in full control of everything that happens in our infrastructure. We're able to detect every flaw and monitor performance 24/7. We do not rely on third parties to secure your privacy nor our uptime. Our platform was built by our experts from Day 1.

High Reputation is our top priority

Delivering emails is all about reputation. How do inbox providers value your brand's domain? The IP addresses you send from? Our shared IP pools contain IP addresses with the highest possible sender scores due to continuous improvement, careful selection of customers, and blacklist monitoring.

Pro-active account management

Customer service is at the center of our organization. Our Flowmailer Pro customers get their own account manager who helps to get started, improve deliverability, and notifies customers when their account displays unusual activities. They monitor odd behavior (high complaint rates or a large amount of bounces) to ensure the customer and the IP addresses Flowmailer uses maintain a great reputation.

Part of Spotler Group

Being part of the Spotler Group assures continuity in both our customer service as our growth. The group consists of multiple brands in the email (marketing) industry. The Spotler Group is one of the largest email providers in the European Union in both SMB and Enterprise area.

GDPR Compliance & High-Level Security (ISO27001)

All your data is safely stored in our independently functioning Dutch data centers. Customer data will therefore never leave Europe. Since Flowmailer doesn't require synchronizing with your databases, the platform only retrieves the data you're asking it to do. This approach makes Flowmailer 100% GDPR compliant.

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