Flowmailer 3.5.2

All new and improved features

In February 2020 we have upgraded the Flowmailer software. Flowmailer 3.5.2 contains various new and improved features, like more flexible HTTP calls, a start-up wizard to make life easy for our new users and an increased dashboard session time-out. This page highlights all new and improved features in alphabetical order.

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Dashboard Session Time-out

Prior to this update the time-out was frustrating for some users, as it logged them out of Flowmailer after they went for a coffee. So, we increased the dashboard session time-out to two hours, enough to get a coffee... or four. This new dashboard session time-out allows users to be inactive for a while, without automatically logging out. After these two hours users will still need to log in again for security reasons.

External Data FlowStep

The FlowStep "External Data" has been extended with HTTP methods to GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE resources.

GET Method used to read or retrieve a representation of a resource (not change it)
POST Method used to create new (subordinate) resources
PUT Method used for update capabilities
PATCH Method used for modify capabilities
DELETE Method used to delete a resource

Inbound Sources

Reintroducing Inbound Sources gives users the capability of receiving emails on their own (sub)domain. This feature supports wildcards and allows users to forward, archive or retrieve messages via API. This allows our users to manage both their inbound as well as their outbound emails in one platform.

Intelligent Recipient Filter

Note: This feature will be activated in April 2020

The Intelligent Recipient Filter is a new way of distinguishing hard bounces. It allows users to follow up on actual (permanent) hard bounces and resend emails to email addresses that only bounces for a short period of time. The filter stills puts all hard bounces on the recipient filter list, but will intelligently choose which email address hard bounced due to migration issues i.e. These email addresses will be removed from the filter list after a week, allowing you to send messages to this address again. More on the Intelligent Recipient Filter is found here »

Notification Filter

Notifications are normally shown whenever a problem arises or changes have been made. This occasionally causes notifications to show up several times per day. With Flowmailer 3.5.2, specific notifications can be turned on and off based on its message.

Onboarding Process

We have simplified our onboarding process by creating a start-up wizard and redesigning our set-up process. The start-up wizard contains helpful videos to guide new Flowmailer users through the platform and show them how to set up a domain before sending emails. By simplifying the domain authorization, we made configuring DNS records easy-to-follow and understandable for every user. During Flowmailer's domain validation, more insights are given on the found records.

Trial accounts can now send 100 emails to email addresses outside their own account. Prior to this update, Flowmailer trials only allowed users to send emails to colleagues. Being able to test outbound messages to different inboxes allows new users to experience the full potential Flowmailer has to offer.

Two-Factor Authentication

Flowmailer 3.5.2 allows Flowmailer to require Two-Factor Authentication for specific accounts. These accounts will then need to follow the two-step procedure to login to Flowmailer (by using the verification code sent by email). Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) helps safeguarding a user's account.