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Flowmailer handles everything that happens under the hood of email communications. Reliable email API, self-hosted infrastructure and endless features ready for integration with your existing software.

Design, deliver, and track your emails

Whether you're sending out a thousand or millions of emails every day, the Flowmailer Email API allows you to design, deliver, and track all your business' emails. Think order confirmations, invoices, and many more!

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Seamless integration into your tech stack

Our API-first approach allows you to add Flowmailer to your tech stack without the hassle of endless development work. Process your out- and inbound emails, retrieve data from external source (e.g. your CDP or CMS), get email data to your Business Intelligence tool - however you want to process your emails - do it!

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Deliverability at its finest

Flowmailer's running on completely self-hosted infrastructure, we keep a close look on deliverability statistics, and act upon any kind of misbehavior on our platform. This approach results in incredibly high inbox placement and delivery speed for our customers' emails.

Managing Deliverability
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Privacy-first, 100% GDPR compliant

Built, managed, and hosted in The Netherlands, Flowmailer is GDPR compliant by default. Our way of working is trusted by companies all over the European Union to securely deliver their emails. Our legal documentation is free to download, so you know precisely what you're dealing with.

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"Het voor ons belangrijk om zicht te hebben op de aflevering en actie te kunnen ondernemen. Voor ons is Flowmailer als gespecialiseerde transactionele e-mail oplossing essentieel."

- Mariëlle Heemels, Eneco

"De mails zijn verzonden voor we met onze ogen geknipperd hebben en qua traffic naar de site gaat het ook goed. Zo is het fijn zaken doen."

- Sander Divendal, Rendement Uitgeverij

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